A Funeral for Music

The ear welcomes like a kind host
Then betrays its humble guest
A knife, A twist in the back

Life’s Gift
has gone
and past

The beats bleed forth
gushing Rhythm
and Rhyme

Its body gasps for
Its last Inspiration
rotting lines of meter

Its flesh decays

Ashes to Ashes
Note to Note

It returns to the mind
That ground of creative

To sprout, To blossom
into another form
that eternal Beauty

3 thoughts on “A Funeral for Music

  1. “The ear welcomes like a kind host
    Then betrays its humble guest
    A knife, A twist in the back”
    Incredibly clever, made me think long and hard. This is the kind of piece that I read over and over again, finding a new thought each time. I would love to hear more about the inspiration behind this. -J

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    1. I’m glad that you enjoyed it! There’s actually a story behind this poem. I was sitting with a group of friends and one of the guys played a song. I told him that I thought the band seemed to have been inspired by an older and more established artist. He welcomed the idea of listening to one of their songs; So he searched and played a song that I thought of when making my initial comment. He stopped it halfway after making a few facial expressions that I would assume meant he wasn’t pleased. He dissected it very critically, but he said he saw the possible connection. So on the spot, I wrote him this poem. I think it’s important to perceive things as both an experience and an intellectual endeavor for analysis, especially in regards to art. Experiencing the song in full and even an entire album and seeing it as a whole gives you a greater appreciation for the work and the artist. The good thing is that even if the music dies within the mind of a person, it will still have an impact on creative thought by way of simple exposure, hopefully bringing about more beautifully inspiring creative work.

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      1. Okay so now I love this poem that much more. How did you just do that?!

        I completely get what you mean. Getting a new album, even from an artist that I admire and love tremendously, sometimes takes a few listens to truly feel the soul of it, the full story.

        And though all artists try to find their own sound and their own unique niche, I find it magical how songs and sounds from music’s past still influence and find a way to be heard.


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