Of all the Things
that I hold dear
The calling of an Untrained Mind

Blinded by its Will
Seeking for one Thrill

He lashes out at one mere
She mocks the smiles of

I Rush & I Surge through all of you
Rising to untold Heights
Piling up the Weight
the weight of the world
Upon You

So You Think

I am the cornerstone of greatness
The downfall of the Unkind
I am you


A Pleasant Suprise

If you only knew
the money I blew
on nothing for You

I thought to spend my
Last Dime
Now, I have plenty of Pennies
and…Plenty of Time

So Instead I crafted
a half-baked rhyme
to remind you of why you are mine
and you are fine (the sexy kind)

Laughter is my Gift
and before your rage goes blind
I’ve got you those shoes that you’ve been eyeing
I hope you don’t mind
this little rhyme

Wrapped with care in the closet
I’ll stop joking now as you almost lost it
The Couch of Exile awaiting
I better stop baiting

You’ve got to admit though
I had you rolling
after the wrapper unfolding


Ticking Timeward
Lasting Impression
Syncopated logic
etch the circle

It makes me whole

That lasting notion
Draw Close
My lonely inspiration
make it all worth

Yet Still
I’m here
Knocking on the door of

Will she let me in?
If I could only sit with her
Let us laugh and joke over a cup of tea
Beauty’s Grace


Give it up for the turn
Stepping Sideways
Making Anew
Drive it home

Luck, it Draws me in
calls me by name
The bow placed Gently

gently against the breast of
the High string

She Sings
He Sings
It Sings!

The Glory of its Make
Praised to its proper

A Creature like US
though Not the Same
the awe of the Golden Circle
The Light warm and dazzling
caressing the face

This Beautiful being
this being of
Epic Proportions

Eyes dripping inspiration
Lips caressing ineffable majesty
with every Step
Greatness in every Breath

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Something is Missing

Go down to the Ocean
Tell your Story
in part
Give not your all
not even your heart

Waking Dreams cast aside
Burdened by your honor
Deserted by your pride

Who knows what’s lost
The Ocean vast, The Waves tower
Man Alive!
There is no power
no power that rests in thee

Give him the hook; Give him the net
Let him Struggle
Let him bend, curl & bustle
Work for Work’s Sake
Play for Play’s Sake

Your goals wretched
Twisted & Demented
How dare you make merry
How dare you grow old

Find the Key
It unlocks Something
Do you care what?

What do you seek?
Pain? Pleasure? Glory? Folly?

Here it is, what is Missing
The Trial
The Error
Living and not Dying
Dying to a world of Experience

Here is what’s missing
Your Heart
to feel, to share, to hope

For this is a man’s shame
to be alive and never have lived

Our Song

Credulous, demented rhetoric
Clasped Hand
Drowned Demeanor
I call upon you

I dance to a song that We both know
It hurts to turn
It hurts, every twist & twirl

If I could only share the weight of my dance, …
If you could only…
I ask too much
I’m sorry; …

Weren’t Our Voices Raised?

A door swung open
A familiar figure
May I have this dance?

Clasped Hands
A Song
We both Love


Draped in Liquid Laughter
Dawned with Pretentious Hope
fraught with silent Resolve
silent Resignation

I clamor; I wait
Pressed against the glass
against the glass of self-indignation
Watching people engage & Smile
on the other side of the window

It begins to rain
Dripping liquid, pretentious laughter
Crying, “Hope!”
Now, I realize that I am the One standing outside
The One, without an umbrella