A King of Pearls, Purple
Draped in ornery tales
blades of plague ridden Tetragrams
Solute, Desolate

Unclench your scepter
Know yourself
before you end a specter

His Trek of Self-Indulgent Masochism
Unresolved Directly
Four Wards
Longing in his Name
eyes resolute

What merit is it to Save All
yet save not Yourself

Oxford Calling, Columbia his Seal
Resting on the Obelisk of Former Glory
The Cards, he now deals

Your charge is many; Yet many under yours
Fashion your reign in Gold and Silver?
Then your soul be Sold and Wither
What of virtue, A king of self?

Lightning, his Agony
Thunder, his Resolution
The Scepter, now unclenched

For the depravity of a man is the ruin of his people
The Wand of Hermes severed
Values entrenched, master of his own mind
He is a guide upon a steeple

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