The following poem is a reflection on the National Geographic Wild documentary, “Rise of Black Wolf”. The video can be seen on National Geographic Wild’s official YouTube channel; The direct link to the video: The Rise of Black Wolf.

Family & Freedom
Pawn of the Playground
Diagonal without a Target
a pup to a man?

young pup
Deliver on your Promise
young Wolf
Son of the Matriarch

Her parents’ blood on the ground
The ground you once Pranced & Played
Exiled your footsteps; Your toes Curled in
Hunger & Frost

A gift from Scavenger Familiars
A dance of Joy of boyish vigor
a second chance to live
a second Father to lead

Your Attitude
your hunt
adapting to learn

Testing the Edges
a way to galloping

another life

“Bachelor for Life”, he howls
closing a bubbly aged 21 years
The fear of the Road, His Refuge
The Path, His Druid License

Something new & Something old
a borrowed brother; leading and bold
Alpha Status Sold

War & Famine
“We know how to survive!”, the brothers howl
A 480 turn
a spin of the dial

Stonehenge Regained
For many years remained

Tricks of his Youth
A New Face they’ve found

Family & Freedom
pawn of the Playground
diagonal without a target
Will a Jack become a King?

Longing for that Rightful place
Old one with young ones
a bachelors’ gang forward bound

Natural, His Placement
His Performance there to boot

A walk, A stroll
To pay fates toll
Knocking on the Passing door
Number 302

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