Sadness, A Reflection

     From the milder form of pensiveness to the intensity of grief, sadness is a captivating emotion that tugs at the hearts of so many in their own personal lives and in their role as an audience through various forms of media. As interesting and thought provoking as it is, it is one of the base emotions that people often avoid, but it serves a unique and important role in our everyday lives; It gives us perspective. “…Sadness is a natural part of life and is usually connected with certain experiences of pain or loss or even a meaningful moment of connection or joy that makes us value our lives” (Firestone, 2015). In life, everyone experiences pain or loss to some degree and as a result, experience sadness. It reminds us what’s important in our lives and offers an opportunity to be more appreciative of what has not been lost and what we enjoy.

    There is an issue that presents itself. What if that opportunity is not accepted and utilized, due to extreme difficulty, lack of desire or the combination of the two. Well, it could lead to despair (fear + sadness) (Smith, 2010), the gate to the great hall of depression. There are so many factors that could immobilize someone from taking the necessary steps to have the sadness be transformative in a positive way to include but are not limited to biochemical conditions, social/environmental factors (Grohol, 2018) and psychological trauma. In my experience in cases like these, asking for help is not a sign of weakness or inadequacy but a sign of strength and wisdom.

Below is the number to a national hotline for those dealing with more than just sadness. For those dealing with depression and thoughts leaving us. Please know that there are people that care. Again you can find the number below.



A Glimpse of a Memory

If I could only glance up
But…The weight of the wrongs that I can not Change
of Fault, My Own and others, of various Range

If I could only look out
Towards the Hope, the waters I once knew
I know it’s there, a memory of the gentle breeze blew

Swirling, Singing, Sunken
I Sit, not stand


Poem by Stephen Perro

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